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Professor Klaus Schriewer visited School of Marxism for academic exchange

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At our invitation, Professor Klaus Schriewer from University of Murcia visited our school for academic exchange from Mar. 26th to Apr. 1st.

      Doctoral supervisor, director of Center for European Studies and deputy director of International Affairs Office University of Murcia, Professor Klaus Schriewer has conducted a few research projects at regional, national and European Union levels. He became a holder of Jean Monnet Chair in 2011 and began to direct Jean Monnet project in 2015. He is also a leading figure in contemporary life mode analysis.

 Professor Klaus Schriewer delivered successively five lectures at School of Marxism and School of History in Lanzhou University. They were: Reading and interpretation of Marx by European academic community, The historic development of Marxist thought, Country, warfare and society—based on Hegel and Marx’s understanding of sociological concepts, Reflection on economic anthropology based on Marxist reproduction mode theory and culture thoughts, and Development of Marxism researches in the new world order. In the light of the current situation of Marxism researches in Europe, the lectures expounded on the life mode theory as a frontier issue of Marxism, the relationship between state and dual labour-sovereignty, and the significance of Marxism for study on reproduction mode and life style. He also discussed such problems as the evolution of the concepts of “state, warfare and society” in the context of financial capitalism which keeps impacting social life and life mode. After the lecture, Klaus Schriewer gave insightful answers to the questions raised by the audience.