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Professor THOMAS HØJRUP and other scholars visited Lnzhou Univeristy

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        At the invitation of School of Marxism, Professor THOMAS HØJRUP, Professor NIELS JUL NIELSEN (University of Copenhagen) and Professor Liu Chunrong (Fudan University) visited our school from June 5th to 11th for academic exchange.

       Professor THOMAS HØJRUP delivered two lectures respectively entitled “Reconsidering Karl Marx’s Capital” and “On Concepts of Practice and Life Mode: Marist Theoretical Construction of Life Style and Social Structure”, in which he explained Marx’s Reproduction Theory and life mode theory in the context of practice.

In his lecture “The Chinese Approach to Daily Work Operation in the Globalized Economy”, Professor NIELS JULNIELSEN examined the possibilities of applying the Life Mode Theory to the Chinese experience and Chinese phenomena.

Professor Liu Chunrong gave two lectures respectively entitled “Cognitive Disparities Regarding Sino-Euro Relationship” and “The Secret of North European Mode”, in which he briefed on the political, economic and social conditions of North Europe, explained the disparities between China and Europe in understanding the Sino-Euro Relationship, and analyzed the trends and prospective of Sino-Euro cooperation.

Their lectures broadened the academic horizon of the audience, and provided valuable insights into Marxist Life Mode Theory and social theory. Leaders of School of Marxism and SAXO Institute talked about bilateral cooperation in reciprocal visits, student exchange and research programs. THOMAS HØJRUP and his colleagues also visited Gansu Provincial Museum, Lanzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, and the new countryside projects in Yuzhong County, which gave them a glimpse of China’s achievements in socialist construction with Chinese characteristics.

THOMAS HØJRUP is a professor of Faculty of Nationalities whose research fields include Marxist Production Mode Theory, social form analysis, Life Mode Theory, world and European nationalities, and industrial and post-industrial capitalism. He is also the principal researcher of an influential academic group which has made outstanding achievements in the study of Marxist Life Mode Theory.

NIELS JUL NIELSEN is an associate professor at SAXO Institute, Faculty of Nationalities who devotes himself to the researches on industrialization, labor force and enterprise culture, modern social work, labor movement, and global cold war. Professor Liu Chunrong is the deputy director of Fuan-European Center for China Studies, and researcher at Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen. He is the principal investigator of a few National Social Science Fund projects. His present research interest covers Sino-Europe relationship and Sino-North Europe cooperation mechanism.