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Friendship along B&R: LZU’s Summer Exchange in Ukraine

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From August 24 to 30, a group of eight faculty and students from our school went on a summer exchange tour in Ukraine, together with faculty and students from the School of Politics and International Relations of Lanzhou University. During the visit, the faculty delegation visited renowned universities in Ukraine and exchanged experiences on university histories and disciplinary development. The student delegation visited cultural and historical sites in the capital Kiev as part of the project.

On the morning of August 24, the delegation arrived in Kiev. They visited the Chinese General Consulate in Ukraine and exchanged brief ideas with the staff. They also visited the Ukrainian National History Museum with a guided and illustrated tour given by professor Rakimir Urusov from the Department of History at Ukraine State Kiev University. They were able to gain further insights into the origin and development of the Ukrainian culture.



        On the afternoons of August 25 and 27, the student delegation visited the campus of Kiev University of Technology and the museum of Kiev University. They were immensely encouraged by the academic spirit and industriousness of the universities. On the morning of August 26, the delegation visited the Museum of Folk and Ethnic Architecture in Ukraine and gained direct insights into the architectural styles of the Ukrainian nation. On the afternoon of August 26, the delegation visited the Kiev Cave Monastery and the WWII Museum and learned about the respectful orthodox Christian culture and Ukrainian people’s defiant struggle in war times. Besides, the delegation also visited the President’s Palace, the Glass Passage, and the Independence Square.



       The faculty delegation arrived on the afternoon of August 26 at Ukrainian Vinnytsia National Technical University in Vinnytsia. They attended talks with the president,Vladimir Grabko, exchanged ideas on university running, and further interests in intensifying academic exchanges. On August 27, the delegation visited Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, they exchanged ideas with the president, Tsependa Ihor Yevhenovych, visited the university physics labs, material science offices, bio-chemistry offices, chemistry labs, and nano-chemistry research center, among others. They were also able to achieve an understanding on the latest scientific projects of the university. On the morning of August 29, the delegation returned to Kiev and visited the Ukrainian National Academy of Economy and Predictions. They met with the president of the academy, Valeriy M. Heyets, and exchanges opinions with other scholars as well on R&R construction, reform of the international monetary system, Sino-U.S. trade war, Ukrainian economy, and aging problems in Ukraine. The academy also expressed eager hopes for the B&R layout.


On the afternoon of August 29, the delegation visited the Chinese General Consulate in Ukraine. Du Wei, the general consular, welcomed the delegation with warm greetings and praised the moves for internationalizing higher education made by LZU.


This summer exchange activity has not only provided an opportunity for the faculty and students of our school to learn about the Ukrainian culture and education, but also allowed LZU to lay out a sound foundation for further cooperation with the universities. Young students from both countries also established friendship with each other.