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Faculty and students participated 1st B&R Sino-Ukrainian Youth Dialogue Summer School of LZU

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        From August 27 to 30, 2019, faculty and students of our school participated the first “Belt and Road” Sino-Ukrainian Youth Dialogue Summer School held at the National University of Kiev in Ukraine. Attendees joined lectures on Sino-Ukraine relations and the “Belt and Road Initiative” with heated discussions.


The summer school event was initiated at National Kiev University on August 27 morning. Sun Kewen, Chinese president of the Confucius Institute in Ukraine, and Alexander Goncharenko, the foreign president, presided the opening ceremony. Attendees include faculty and students from the History Department of National University of Kiev, as well as those from Lanzhou University Summer School Exchange Group. Professor Meng Hui, associate dean of our school, delivered an opening speech and a keynote speech. He made introductions on school management, faculty development, talent cultivation, academic research, discipline construction, and foreign exchanges and cooperation in Lanzhou University. He also expressed hope that, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of LZU, the cooperation and exchange between the two universities would be more intense. Ukrainian students who studied at LZU also shared their experience and insights gained from their study at LZU.


During the event, scholars from the Ukrainian National University of Kiev, Oleksey Koval, Tmitri Yevremov, Yuri Poita, and Rakimir Urusov, respectively delivered lectures on "Ukraine’s implementation of B&R", "B&R Engagment and its Economic Impact on China and Ukraine", "Potential and Realistic Challenges of Implementing B&R Chinese Projects", and "Guide on Sino-Ukrainian Literature: Experience and Reflection". Prof. Wang Jinguo, dean of the School of Politics and International Relations of LZU, also delivered a speech on "Chinese Characters, Thoughts, and History". In the five wonderful reports, the delegation learned more about the Ukrainian scholars' research and thoughts on the B&R initiated by China. They discussed some concerned issues in Sino-Ukraine relations, and also learned about Sino-Ukrainian literaturary exchange.


On the mornings of August 28 and 29, the group was divided into three seminars to share ideas on China's economy, culture, diplomacy and the B&R initiative. Discussions on China's national conditions and ideas were heatedly carried out with strong interests. Our doctoral students Ge Yingru, master student Luo Shengnan, undergraduate students Yang Huaichuan and Ren Mengyao also made reports respectively on the "Proposal and Development of B&R Initiative", "The Latest Development of B&R Initiative", "Major Contributions of B&R Initiative", and “Prospects of B&R Initiative”.

This summer school is rich in learning content and diverse in exchange forms, which not only broadens the international vision of the exchange students but also improves their communication skills. It enhances friendship between Chinese and Ukrainian young students, and builds a new platform for exchanges between young people of the two countries.

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Text: summer exchange mission to Ukraine