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Ten monographs on the latest research results of Sinicization of Marxism were published

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Ten monographs on the latest research results of Sinicization of Marxism (a book series), compiled by School of Marxism (professor Zhang Xinping as the principal editor), were published by People’s Press.

Persuant to the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important speeches and the monumental achievements China has made in reform and opening-up since the 18th National Congress of CPC, the ten monographs describe and interpret the theoretical innovation developed by CPC since the 18th National Congress. The book series proceed on the following ten topics: the Chinese dream of great renewal of the Chinese nation, promote the five-pronged approach to build socialism with Chinese characteristics, strengthen “matters of confidence” of socialism with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepen reform, comprehensively implement the rule of law, comprehensively strengthen party discipline, implement the five major development concepts, diplomatic strategy of the great power with Chinese characteristics, and governance of china after the 18th National Congress. Undertaking the historic mission of studying, interpreting and publicizing CPC’s innovative theory, the authors attempt to popularize the scientific results on Sinicization of Marxism, to verify the truth and scientific nature of the results, and therefore to make their due contributions to the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The 19th National Congress of CPC was a significant event in the political life of the party and the country. The Central Government had called for “making adequate preparation in ideology and theory” for the conference as a honorable and important task for theoretical workers.

It is an important subject of today, as required by the reality of China’s social reform and development, to continuously enrich and develop Marxism with new theories, new perspectives and new thoughts. This is also a great mission of the party which is carrying out great struggles, constructing great projects, promoting great causes, and realizing great dreams at a new historical point. To learn, research, interpret and publicize the latest research results on Sinicization of Marxism is of great theoretical and practical significance, helping to specify the direction for the development of the country, and to build up confidence in theory, in road of development, in state system and in culture so as to renew the Chinese nation.

    National key schools of Marxism should act as the main force of learning, researching, interpreting and publicizing President Xi’s speeches and the Party Central Committee’s new notions, new thoughts and new strategies about governing the country. Therefore, some excellent scholars of Lanzhou University compiled the ten books. Before writing, they made a thorough study of President Xi’s speeches and the spirits of 18th National Congress, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenums of the 18th Central Committee Congress, and held successive discussions on the latest research results so as to stand out the standpoint, perspective and methodology of Sinicization of Marxism, and to show the Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and Chinese personality.